Queen rearing course

Queen rearing course

For enquiries about purchasing local honey, beekeeping talks and queen rearing courses, or to ask about the availability of bees or queens for sale, please use the form below email me directly.

If you want to buy local honey from a shop it should be available from IJ Mellis in St Andrews or Pillars of Hercules in Falkland. If either are out of stock ask them to order some more from me 😉

Please also email me if you want permission to use copyrighted material from this website. It is not usually reasonably refused as long as credit is properly attributed and permission is sought in advance.

All fields in the form must be completed. Error messages or confirmation that the message has been received appear at the end of the form.

There are continuing problems with the original contact form on some browsers and far too many spam submissions. I’ve therefore implemented a different system using the email link in the very bottom right hand corner of the page.

Please note – I cannot usually provide direct or timely advice. If you don’t hear back promptly it’s probably because I’m too busy with work or my own bees. Do not save the email address as it regularly changes to try and avoid the inevitable spambots 🙁

Thank you.