The flow must go on

Except it doesn’t ūüôĀ And once the summer nectar flow is over, the honey ripened and the supers safely removed it is time to prepare the colonies for the winter ahead. It might seem that mid/late August is very early to be thinking about this when the first frosts are probably still 10-12 weeks away. […]

Survival of the fattest

Winter bees have high levels of vitellogenin, a glycolipoprotein , deposited in their fat bodies which act as a food reservoir for the long winter. These fat winter bees are essential for the successful overwintering of the colony. Last week I discussed the major points that need attention for overwintering¬†i.e. strong, healthy colonies with ample […]

When to treat?

When and how do you treat colonies to have the greatest effect in minimising¬†Varroa levels? At the end of this longer than usual post I hope you’ll appreciate¬†that this is a different – and much less important – ¬†question than¬†“When is the best time to treat?”. You probably use one of the treatments licensed and […]